These articles are presented to help keep prospective converts and rabbis up to date on matters relating to conversion in the United States and abroad. If you come across an article that you think is worth including please be so kind to be in contact and forward it to us. It should be understood that the inclusion of an article on this website does not imply that The Institute for Halakhic Conversion agrees with its editorial stance nor that it vouches for its accuracy.

Article 1 - Israel's Chief Rabbinate Denies RCA Claim of Conversion Agreement

Article 2 - Rabbinate reaches deal on conversions

Article 3 - Universal Acceptance - Group addresses conversion for interfaith couples

Article 4 - Eternal Jewish Family and the Chief Rabbinate Conversion Issue

Article 5 - Conversion to Judaism: A Discussion of Standards

Article 6 - Becoming a Jew

Article 7 - Converting in Egypt

Article 8 - RCA Conversions to be Recognized by Israeli Chief Rabbinate