Find a Rabbi

In order to convert you will need a Bet Din (Rabbinic Court) and as a general rule a Sponsoring Rabbi as well.

The role of the Sponsoring Rabbi is to teach and mentor you, to advocate for you as appropriate regarding your sincerity and readiness for conversion and to be a general bridge between you and the Bet Din.

Who the sponsoring rabbi is, his personality, attitute towards conversion and the educational investment he makes in you will largely determine the taste and quality of your conversion experience and your preparednesss for conversion for better or worse. Thus, to the extent you have a choice you are advised to pick your sponsoring rabbi with great care.

In working with an Orthodox Bet Din you will need to find an Orthodox Rabbi to sponsor you. To find an Orthodox Rabbi near you I suggest utilizing the following internet tools:

Go to the Synagogue Finder and type in your area
Go to the Chabad Center Finder and type in your area
Go to the Aish International page and click on your area
Go to Our Synagogues section to find a Young Israel Synagogue
Another thing you can do is look in the Yellow Pages under Synagogues or go the website of the Jewish Federation in your area they typically have a listing of Orthodox Synagogues.

You can also contact the Bet Din of your choice and ask for a referral to a sponsoring rabbi. You should understand from the outset that different rabbinic courts depending on their religious philosophy and experience doing conversion will have different preferences or criteria for whom even within the Orthodox rabbinic community they are comfortable working with as a sponsoring rabbi.