Online Torah Educational and Conversion Websites

Audio Torah classes on the Internet. Classes include Chumash, Talmud, and Jewish thought.

Aish Hatorah

An educational site with a host of helpful online classes an articles for the prospective convert including a course on the laws of Shabbat.

Eternal Jewish Family

This Yeshiva based organization is deeply committed to helping intermarried couples obtain a widely recognized Halakhic conversion. It can be especially helpful for prospective converts who live in a city with a small Orthodox community where there is no local Orthodox rabbinic court. Eternal Jewish Family works with prospective converts on a national level and all conversions are accepted by the Israeli Chief Rabbinate. Money will not be an issue with this organization the primary concern is religious sincerity.

Integrative Torah Studies

Onlne ebooks that provide a traditional approach to the interface between Kabbalah and Halakha, Jewish Meditation, the Holidays and Jewish spirituality.

Itim The Jewish Life Information Center

This is an excellent Orthodox website that provides very helpful and thorough information for those considering Orthodox conversion in Israel.

Ohel Sarah Imenu and Ohel Avraham Avinu

A Jerusalem based Ultra Orthodox (Charedi) English language conversion program offering residential and distance learning programs for prospective converts male and female. Rabbinic Conversions Courts utilized are widely recognized including by the State of Israel. This program is for prospective converts who want to be immersed in a Charedi Torah lifestyle and perspective.

Orthodox Union

This website is a clearinghouse of resources for Orthodox Jews from the premiere Amercian Modern Orthodox organization. Everyone can find something of value educationally or logistically.

Rabbinical Council of America Conversion Website

This is helpful site for anyone considering converting via the Modern Orthodox rabbinic establishment and community. You will find in particular a listing of Rabbinical Courts that work with converts within the Modern Orthodox community that are accepted by the State of

Project Genesis

Offers online classes in Jewish learning. Includes extensive archives and discussion on Jewish philosophy, ethics, and law.

Shema Yisrael Torah Network

A very helpful educational website with practical and online courses in creating and maintaining a Kosher Kitchen and a Shabbat Kitchen appropriate for a prospective convert.

Yeshivat Har Etzion

Yeshivat Har Etzion- A Virtual Bet Midrash with a range of online courses there several programs that would be helpful for a prospective convert from Jewish Thought and Torah Portion to Halakha and Hassidism.