Pastoral Counselling

Becoming a convert can often involve a variety of particular difficulties and complexities in addition to the normal ones associated with being human. The issues that arise can include, but are not limited to:

  1. Psychological and spiritual dynamics between prospective convert and Jewish partner

  2. Communication and relationship difficulties with sponsoring rabbi and/or rabbinic court

  3. Children's adjustment issues to the conversion and Orthodox life

  4. Dealing with non-Jewish ex-wives or husbands where children and custody issues are involved

  5. Prospective converts relationship with biological, psychological, and legal family of origin or Jewish spouse’s family

  6. Deeply personal halakhic or theological issues that are not adequately being addressed with one's sponsoring rabbi

  7. Understanding the different varieties of Orthodox communities and Rabbis to choose from

  8. Personal guidance in one's course of conversion studies

If you would like to schedule a pastoral counseling session with Rabbi Goldman please be so kind to email him through the contact page to set up an appointment by phone, or in person if you live driving distance to the Bergen County, New Jersey area. There is a sliding scale fee of $75-$150 dollars for a 1 hour session.